loving right now: jenny bowker and missha perfect cover bb cream

after watching this jenny bowker “j. crew inspired” makeup tutorial. a few months ago i got a little excited and ordered a tube of the perfect cover bb cream on ebay. then i got nervous. my skin is sensitive and a little finicky and i felt pretty satisfied with my foundation routine (MUFE mat velvet mixed with stila tinted moisturizer) so the tube sat around in my bathroom for a few weeks.

then the heavens opened up and i tried it. let me tell you guys, it is SO SO good. you get the coverage of a foundation with the feel of a tinted moisturizer. it doesn’t cover up my freckles but it does even out any red spots or gross zits. i still use concealer over any especially annoying zits but the coverage of the bb cream is so great. nothing looks caked on, your skin looks luminous, orchestral music will play as you walk past, etc etc etc.

it’s also pretty moisturizing so it takes care of skin flakes pretty durn good, if i do say so myself. PLUS! i’ve been using it for a good week or so and i haven’t had any breakouts so far. i’ll be sure to let the internet know if that changes but for right now i’m giving this bb cream a solid A+.

p.s. the part in the jenny bowker video where she lets the foundation “sit” for a while seems to be key though. i don’t think you have to not do anything else for a while but it helps. the bb cream looks a little too dewy for my taste for the first few minutes after applying, but after a good 10 or 20 minutes of laying around playing words with friends it’s perfectly matte.